Pedestrian Struck by Police Car in Cedar Grove

A 29-year-old Paterson woman was injured in a New Jersey pedestrian accident when a police car struck her. According to a news report in The Verona-Cedar Grove Times, the accident occurred at Pompton Avenue and Bortic Road in Cedar Grove. The injured victim of this crash was struck by a police vehicle as it attempted to make a left hand turn onto Pompton Avenue. The woman was hospitalized with leg and head injuries. An investigation is ongoing.

New Jersey law requires vehicles to yield right-of-way to pedestrians walking in crosswalks. Under New Jersey Statute 39:4-32, pedestrians must not cross the street “against a stop signal or traffic device.” Pedestrians must yield the right-of-way to vehicles that have already entered an intersection.

Only after a thorough investigation can liability be determined for a New Jersey pedestrian accident. If the driver is determined to have been at-fault, they could be held liable for the injuries, damages, and losses caused by the accident. If a dangerous intersection or roadway led to the pedestrian accident in New Jersey, the municipal agency responsible for maintaining that street intersection could also be held legally responsible.

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