Potential Risks of Slip and Fall in New Jersey from Ice and Snow

In our last blog post, we mentioned that New Jersey has declared a state of emergency because of the major snow storm that has hit. Hopefully, most residents have already gathered the food and supplies they will need to stay inside and ride out the storm. However, there are certain risks, such as injuries from slip and fall accidents, for those who venture out after the storm passes.

For instance, the appearance of ice can be deceiving, leaving a person to believe that where they are stepping will not be slippery. Snow can also make a person more likely than they realize to lose their footing, even for someone who has traversed through winter weather conditions all their life. In any case, the hazards posed by a property owner’s failure to properly clear ice or snow from public sidewalks outside of their premises can be difficult for anyone to avoid.

The Star-Ledger reports that a New Jersey climatologist stated that a 10-inch plus snow storm for the bulk of the state typically occurs about once every three years. Since this major storm is “an unusual event in any winter,” property owners may fail to fulfill their duty of ensuring that areas surrounding their premises are appropriately cleared of snow and ice or posting appropriate warning signs of potential slip and fall risks.

Although it is expected that the weather will get warmer later in the week for New Jersey, with the changes of degree temperatures around 50 for New Year’s Day, the conditions of sidewalks, parking lots, alleys, and stairs can all pose the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Anyone who is injured in a New Jersey slip and fall accident that they believe was caused by another person’s negligence would be well advised to at least discuss their legal options with a Princeton slip and fall attorney. While pursuing a premises liability claim can seem daunting, a skilled lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected and that negligent parties are held liable for your pain and suffering as well as financial damages associated with your injuries. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein today for a free consultation about your slip and fall accident. Call 1-609-240-0040.