Six People Injured in New Jersey Car Accident in Edison

One person was seriously injured in a car accident that occurred on a highway ramp in New Jersey recently. According to, the multiple-vehicle car crash occurred on Route 440 at eastbound Woodbridge Avenue in Edison. It is unclear how the collision occurred, but the report states that a total of six people have been injured. At least one of those victims sustained serious injuries.

There are many potential causes of a New Jersey car accident. Drivers who tailgate or follow other vehicles too closely have been known to cause rear-end collisions when they cannot properly adjust to the speed of traffic. Distracted driving is also a common cause of serious multiple-vehicle collisions. The injured victims of a car crash in New Jersey that involves multiple cars would be well- advised to speak with an attorney before dealing with the many insurance companies involved in the collision.

Personal injury claims involving many drivers and insurance companies can become extremely complicated. Insurers may offer inadequate settlements that do not fully cover the losses sustained in the car accident. An experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney will ensure that the rights of the injured victims are protected and that the settlement adequately compensates the victims.

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