Do Guardrails on New Jersey Roadways Make Us Safer?

A recent car accident involved a guardrail going through the front of a vehicle all the way to the trunk has New Jersey residents worried about the safety of guardrails on roadways. According to a news report in The Bergen County Record, most New Jersey guardrails stand vertically. Only select locations such as embankments that slope upward currently have guardrails that are buried in the ground. Many New Jersey motorists worry that the state’s choice to mostly use vertical guardrails puts motorists at risk of impalement in a car collision.

Injured victims of New Jersey car accidents would be well-advised to preserve their vehicle in its damaged state and to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. There are many serious injury accidents that are caused by dangerous roadways or hazardous highway conditions. It is the legal obligation of the governing body in charge of maintaining the roadway to provide reasonably safe conditions for motorists.

When a lack of a guardrail or an inappropriately placed guardrail leads to a serious injury, the government in charge of the road may be held liable for the damages. Holding the government legally responsible for an accident can be complicated, however. Victims may require the services of an experienced New Jersey car accident attorney who will analyze all aspects of the crash and ensure that the negligent parties are held accountable.

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