Elderly Woman Injured in Pompton Lakes Pedestrian Accident

An 80-year-old woman was seriously injured in a New Jersey pedestrian accident when she was struck by a red Toyota. According to a news report in The Bergen County Record, the accident occurred on Wanaque Avenue in Pompton Lakes. Police say the woman was using a crosswalk when a car struck her. She was airlifted to a nearby hospital and is listed in stable condition. It is not clear if the driver will be cited for the car crash.

New Jersey has enacted a new law which forces all motorists to come to a complete stop when pedestrians are utilizing a crosswalk. Before, motorists were only required to yield to pedestrians. Now, under the new law motorists who fail to come to a complete stop at crosswalks will face a $200 fine, two points on their license, and up to 15 days of community service. Additionally, pedestrians who fail to use caution when crossing the street may be fined $54 for negligence.

Victims of New Jersey pedestrian accidents may file a personal injury claim to recover financial compensation for their injuries and damages. Common damages covered by such a claim include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This new law could potentially help injured victims prove that a driver was at fault for a collision if the driver is charged with failing to properly yield right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

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