Motorist Injured in Monroe Two-Vehicle Car Accident on NJ Turnpike

Recently, a motorist was injured in a New Jersey car accident that occurred on the New Jersey turnpike. According to a news report on, the crash occurred in Monroe near Exit 8A of the New Jersey Turnpike and involved a disabled vehicle. The severity of the motorist’s injuries is not known.

There are many potential causes of a vehicle crashing into a disabled vehicle. It must be determined if the disabled vehicle was in the lane of traffic or if it had been properly moved onto the shoulder. If the disabled vehicle is out of traffic, investigators must determine what led the other driver to veer out of their lane. If the motorist was driving distracted or recklessly before the collision, they may be held liable as well.

All possible causes of a car crash must be evaluated before determining who was at fault for a collision. New Jersey car crash victims would be well-advised to preserve their vehicle for a thorough inspection by a qualified expert and to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss their legal rights and options.

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