New Jersey Truck Accident on Interstate 295 Injures Two

Two people were hospitalized following a truck accident in New Jersey that involved an overturned tractor-trailer. According to a news report on, the truck accident occurred on Interstate 295 near Exit 30 in Lawnside. For unknown reasons, the tractor-trailer and a car collided, and the truck flipped over into the northbound lanes of traffic. The severity of the injuries suffered is not known at this time.

New Jersey truck accidents tend to result in devastating injuries. There are many potential causes of a truck versus car collisions; one of the most common causes for truck accidents is truck driver fatigue. Many truckers work extremely long and difficult hours despite the government’s regulations that restrict the number of hours they can drive without proper rest. Other common causes of truck accidents in New Jersey include defective truck parts, inexperienced drivers, lack of proper vehicle maintenance, failure on the part of other drivers to recognize large truck blind spots, and drunk driving.

When someone is injured in a truck accident in New Jersey, they may have to deal with the trucking firm’s insurance carrier as well as possibly the company’s high-powered team of defense lawyers. It is often necessary to fight back with a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience handling large truck accident cases in New Jersey. When these cases are handled properly, compensation may be available for victims for coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain, and mental anguish.

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