The High Cost of Dealing with Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury can permanently disable a person and change their life forever. The most common catastrophic injuries suffered in New Jersey are brain injuries and spinal cord injuries caused by car accidents. Victims of these serious injuries may suffer physical, emotional, and financial problems for the rest of their lives. That is why it is crucial that victims of catastrophic injuries seek the assistance of an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney to increase their chances of receiving fair compensation for their injuries.

A catastrophic injury often affects more than just the injured victim. Having a person in the family that has suffered a catastrophic injury can be devastating for everyone connected to the victim. Many spinal cord injury victims, for example, lose the ability to use their limbs, thus making them dependant and requiring 24/7 care. Brain injury victims often suffer from severe memory loss and personality issues that require patient and attentive care.

A New Jersey personal injury claim should reflect the current and future costs of an injury. When an injury is catastrophic, the future costs of the injury may be difficult to determine. A knowledgeable attorney can work with medical professionals to calculate the medical expenses and level of care that an injury will require for the rest of the victim’s life. Additional compensation may be available for lost wages if the victim is no longer able to work, as well as coverage for pain and suffering.

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