A Quick Settlement Can Be Harmful to Your New Jersey Personal Injury Claim

Many victims of serious New Jersey car crashes become buried in unexpected bills. In addition to medical expenses, injured victims must deal with missing work while recovering from injuries. Additionally, they may have to pay for medical equipment and medications. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, injured victims may be able to pursue compensation for their losses. It is helpful to speak to a skilled New Jersey personal injury attorney before accepting an offer from an insurance company.

Insurance companies are highly profitable corporations that know how to protect their financial assets. If they offer the injured victim a quick settlement, it may be because they know their client was at-fault and want to settle the claim hastily. These rapid settlements rarely cover the full cost of an injury. A settlement for an accident may cover emergency room fees, but it may not take into account losses such as future doctor visits, physical therapy, or time spent away from work. In many accident cases, serious injuries or complications do not surface until weeks after the accident.

Quick insurance settlements rarely take all of these losses into consideration. Once an agreement is settled, a victim may no longer pursue additional compensation. Individuals injured in a New Jersey crash should speak to a skilled attorney before dealing with an insurance company. Rushing into a quick settlement with an insurance company may the biggest mistake you can make with your personal injury claim.

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