How to Calculate Medical Expenses after a New Jersey Car Accident

Determining the losses suffered following a serious New Jersey car accident can be a complicated process. Accepting a settlement that does not adequately cover the medical expenses related to a serious injury will jeopardize a victim’s ability to pursue additional compensation. That is why it is crucial to speak to an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney when trying to determine the value of your claim. This is the second part in our three-part series that discusses the steps you should take following involvement in a New Jersey car accident.

A skilled lawyer will work with medical professionals to determine the true cost of an injury. Many serious injuries require extensive medical treatments that may sometimes span several weeks or months. Broken bones, for example, require expensive rehabilitation for full mobility and strength to be recovered. Catastrophic injuries such as brain damage and spinal cord injuries may require a lifetime of nursing care and medical support.

Prescriptions, medical equipment, and follow-up hospital visits are medical expenses that are often overlooked by insurance companies. Even someone with adequate health coverage may find themselves fighting with their insurer to have the procedures they need covered. In cases where a serious injury causes cosmetic damage, it is common for health insurance companies to refuse coverage for plastic surgery because the procedure is not deemed necessary. This is one of many potential stressful situations an injured victim may face following a car crash in New Jersey. To make sure all of your medical expenses are covered, you may need to file a New Jersey personal injury claim with the assistance of a lawyer.

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Tomorrow, we will conclude our three-part series about what to do after you are in a car crash in New Jersey.