What is the Government’s Liability for Dangerous New Jersey Roadways during Winter?

Under certain circumstances, the government may be held liable for the damages caused on a dangerous roadway. Common liability issues for the government include roadside hazards, pavement edge drops, poorly marked construction zones, inadequate warning signs, poorly designed roadways and visual obstructions. In such cases, the government agency responsible for the design and maintenance of the roadway may be held liable for an accident.

Weather conditions are a common and uncontrollable factor in many New Jersey car accidents. Motorists and the government cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions. The injured victims of weather-related car accidents may have to rely on their own insurance coverage to receive compensation for their loss. It is the responsibility of each car driver to adjust their speed to fit the weather conditions and to pull over when the adverse conditions make safe travel impossible.

However, the government is not exempt from all weather-related car accidents. For example, if the government fails to repair roads damaged by the adverse conditions, they may be found liable for the accidents that potholes or uneven surfaces cause. Anyone injured in a New Jersey weather-related car accident has it in their best interest to discuss the specifics of their case with a skilled attorney.

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