What Should You Do After a New Jersey Bicycle Accident?

If you have been hurt in a bike accident in New Jersey, the steps you take immediately after the crash will affect your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. The first thing you should do is contact the local authorities before seeking medical attention for your injuries. It is important that you file a police report so there is a record of the accident. Do not negotiate terms with the driver involved or admit fault for the crash. Instead, simply exchange information with the driver and wait for emergency services to arrive.

When the police arrive at the scene of the New Jersey bicycle crash, make sure your account of the incident is included in the report. If the police do not come, you should file a report at the nearest station within 24 hours. The police report may later serve as a valuable tool to explain how the crash occurred. You should also preserve your damaged bicycle, take photos of the crash scene, obtain eyewitness contact information, and keep track of your medical records.

Motorists who cause serious New Jersey bike crashes often dispute the charges while their insurance company may deny the victim’s claims. In such cases, an experienced attorney may be required to help protect the rights of the victim. A skilled lawyer can negotiate terms with insurance companies, and when necessary, represent the victim in a civil lawsuit.

The New Jersey bicycle accident attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein help injured victims hold at-fault drivers accountable for the accidents and injuries they cause. If a negligent driver has injured you or a loved one, call us at 609-240-0040 to discuss your legal rights and options.