Liability for Crime-Related Injuries Suffered on New Jersey Public Property

Under New Jersey premises liability laws, property owners are required to offer reasonably safe conditions to any and all visitors. When someone is injured on a person’s property, the owner may be held liable for the damages, particularly if their negligence contributed to the accident. Under certain circumstances, a property owner may even be held liable for an injury that occurs during a criminal act on their property. Anyone injured on public property would be well-advised to speak to a skilled attorney about their legal rights and options.

Not all criminal activity on public property provides the basis for a valid premises liability claim. In many cases, the injured victim will have to prove that negligence on the part of the property owner caused or contributed to the incident. An experienced lawyer will ask the following questions: Were there similar acts on the premises in recent years? Did the property owner beef up security after those incidents? Were any other steps taken to improve security and safety such as the use of surveillance cameras? What other crime prevention measures were taken by the property owner?

If a property owner was negligent and took no steps to secure the premises despite several incidents on the property, they may be held responsible for the damages suffered. A successful New Jersey premises liability claim could result in compensation for medical bills related to the incident, wages lost while healing, and pain and suffering.

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