Tips To Help Prevent a Nighttime Pedestrian Accident in New Jersey

Some of the most devastating New Jersey pedestrian accidents occur at night. After the sun sets, visibility for motorists and pedestrians is lowered and the likelihood of the driver or the pedestrian having alcohol in their system is increased. There are a number of steps New Jersey residents can take to help lower the chances of being involved in a fatal nighttime pedestrian collision.

Pedestrians would be well-advised to assume that drivers do not see them before beginning to cross the road. Even if the pedestrian legally has the right of way, they should wait to make eye contact with an oncoming motorist before stepping onto the roadway. It is common for drivers to overlook pedestrians at night. Assuming that a motorist will be attentive is a dangerous mistake for a pedestrian to make.

It is common for bicyclists at night to wear bright and reflective gear but pedestrians are rarely as careful. Pedestrians should make every effort to stay on brightly lit roadways and to stay on sidewalks when walking at night. If you must walk where there is no sidewalk, walk on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic and step as far off the roadway as possible when a car is approaching. It may also be in your best interest to walk in a group as larger groups of people are more likely to be seen by motorists.

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