Teenager Killed in Toms River Pedestrian Accident

A 16-year-old boy was killed in a pedestrian accident recently when he was struck while crossing the road. According to a news report in The Star-Ledger, the fatal accident occurred on Route 70 in Toms River. The young victim was killed when a 1997 Chevy Tahoe, driven by a 37-year-old Lakehurst resident, struck him. The young victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the New Jersey pedestrian accident. It is not clear if the driver will face charges for the collision.

Whenever someone is killed in a pedestrian accident, there are a number of questions that must be answered. Did the pedestrian cross the roadway at a crosswalk or intersection? Did the motorist yield right-of-way to the pedestrian as required by law? Was the pedestrian crossing at an unsafe location? Was the motorist traveling at an unsafe rate of speed, which prevented them from stopping in time to avoid the collision? Was the accident the result of a dangerous condition on the roadway or street intersection?

A driver does not have to be cited or face criminal charges in order to be held civilly liable for a pedestrian accident. If a accident was the result of negligence or wrongdoing, the family of the victim can file a wrongful death claim, seeking compensation to cover medical and funeral costs, loss of future earnings, and other damages.

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