Five Injured in Holland Tunnel Car Accident

Five people were injured recently in a car accident that involved four vehicles inside the Holland Tunnel in Hudson County, according to a news report in The Jersey Journal. An investigation is underway to determine what may have caused the four vehicles to collide. The victims of the multi-vehicle collision suffered neck, back, and head injuries. It is unclear if any of the drivers involved will be cited for the New Jersey car crash.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 22 people were killed in car accidents in Hudson County during the year 2009. During that same year, 583 people were killed in car accidents in the entire state. Anytime there is a serious injury or fatality accident in New Jersey, it is important to determine what caused the crash and how it could have been prevented.

Depending upon the type of insurance coverage the injured victims of a New Jersey car accident have, they may need to prove who was responsible for the crash. Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles often result in complicated claims processes because they involve several victims and insurance companies. Anyone injured in this type of crash would be well-advised to not accept a settlement until after they have the offer reviewed by an experienced personal injury attorney. Rushing into a premature settlement may make it impossible for the victim to receive fair and full compensation for all the injuries, damages, and losses suffered in a crash.

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