New Brunswick Train Accident Results in One Fatality

One person was killed in a train accident recently after he stepped onto the tracks and was truck by an oncoming Amtrak train near Jersey Avenue Station in New Brunswick, according to a news report in The Star-Ledger. It is not clear from the report why the pedestrian was on the train tracks, and officials are still examining the cause of the fatal New Jersey train accident.

A thorough investigation is needed whenever someone is killed in a train accident in New Jersey. There are a number of questions that must be answered. Was the victim trespassing at the time of the crash? Was the train operator using the horn to warn the pedestrian? Was the train going at a high rate of speed? Was the operator distracted? Were the tracks and train properly maintained? Were there sufficient signs and warning signals at the track?

There are a number of potentially liable parties who may be responsible for a New Jersey train accident. The family of someone killed in a train crash would be well advised to seek legal guidance to help them determine fault and liability in order to hold them accountable and to receive compensation for their losses. Damages that may be covered by a successful civil lawsuit include medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost future wages.

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