Pennsville Township Under-Ride Truck Accident Causes Critical Injuries

A woman was critically injured in a New Jersey car accident when her vehicle went underneath the trailer of a truck. According to Today’s Sunbeam, the New Jersey under-ride collision occurred on the Delaware Memorial Bridge in Pennsville Township. Investigators are trying to determine how the victim’s Mercedes ended up underneath the trailer. The Mercedes was crushed under the tandem wheels of the trailer and the woman sustained life-threatening injuries. A male passenger in the Mercedes sustained non-life-threatening injuries; both occupants were hospitalized.

According to the official Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website, in the year 2009, there were 69 fatalities in the state of New Jersey as a result of large truck accidents. During that same year, 3,216 people were injured in New Jersey truck accidents. It is unclear what percentage of the accidents were truck under-ride crashes.

Under-ride truck accidents occur when a car is wedged completely or partially underneath a big rig’s trailer. These types of crashes are often devastating because a large trailer can crush the roof of a car, increasing the potential for catastrophic or fatal injuries. Common causes for truck accidents include reckless truck drivers, dangerous roadways and unsafe lane changes. It is also common for these crashes to involve a trailer that does not have proper reflective tape thereby causing a motorist to rear-end the trailer; this usually happens at night time or when visibility is low.

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