Teen Driver and Passenger Injured in Hamilton Car Accident

A driver and passenger, both 19 years old, were injured in a New Jersey car accident which may have involved an improper left turn. According to The Times, the injury car accident occurred at South Broad Street and Kim Valley Road in Hamilton. The crash occurred when the 19-year-old driver turned his car in front of a truck. When the two vehicles collided, the passenger in the car was trapped inside. The driver of the car suffered lacerations and the passenger sustained leg injuries. It is not clear if the driver of the truck was injured. Police have cited the car’s driver for making an unsafe turn.

New Jersey statute 39:4-115 states that a driver “intending to turn to the right or left at an intersection where traffic is controlled by traffic control signals or by a traffic or police officer, shall proceed to make either turn with proper care to avoid accidents.” Drivers must yield right-of-way to all oncoming vehicles before making a turn.

At-fault drivers in such cases can be held liable for injuries, damages and losses. Passengers who are injured in a crash may pursue compensation for accident-related damages such as medical expenses, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, physical therapy and continuing treatment and care. When the at-fault driver is a friend or family member of the victim, the injured passenger may be hesitant to file a claim. Injured victims of New Jersey accidents should know that most damages suffered in a crash are covered by the driver’s insurance company and not directly by the driver.

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