Truck Accident on Harding Highway Injures Two

A male and a female driver were both injured in a truck accident recently that involved a 1996 Ford Ranger and a 2005 Peterbilt tractor-trailer. According to a news report in The Gloucester County Times, the accident occurred on the Harding Highway in Franklin Township, New Jersey. For unknown reasons, the female driver of the Ranger veered into oncoming traffic where it struck the tractor-trailer. Both drivers were hospitalized following the collision. Officials are looking into what caused the pickup to veer into oncoming traffic.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s 2009 Crash Facts, 69 people were killed in New Jersey commercial truck accidents. During that same year, 3,216 people were injured in New Jersey truck accidents. Whenever a truck accident occurs, it may be necessary for investigators to determine if the truck driver exhibited negligence in any way that may have led to the crash.

In any accident, it is important to determine the cause. Defective auto parts, for example, may result in a motorist losing control of their vehicle. Dangerous roadway conditions such as large potholes and poorly designed curves can also lead to head-on collisions. All aspects of a crash should be considered before investigators come to a conclusion regarding the cause.

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