Car Accident Deaths on New Jersey Highways Are Increasing in 2011

Early estimates for statistics on fatal highway car accidents in New Jersey show that fatalities are on the rise. According to, there has been a 9.8 percent increase in deaths this year on New Jersey highways. There have been a total of 314 vehicle accident fatalities in New Jersey already in 2011, while 556 people were killed on New Jersey roads last year. Essex County led all counties with 32 fatalities, followed by Burlington County and Middlesex counties with 28 traffic fatalities each. Also, 27 traffic fatalities were reported in Camden and 25 people died in Ocean County.

One reason why the numbers appear so high is because the number of traffic fatalities in New Jersey in 2010 was the lowest they had been since the 1940s. Instead of maintaining a downward trend, the number of traffic accident fatalities has simply been on the rise. According to the article, it is believed that recent police layoffs may have also played a part in the increase of fatal car crashes in New Jersey.

When someone is killed in a car accident, the victim’s family may seek compensation by filing a wrongful death claim. At-fault drivers may be held liable for damages including medical bills, funeral expenses, lost future wages, and loss of companionship.

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