Surgeries Needed Following Dog Bite Attacks in New Jersey

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost one fifth of the 4.5 million dog bite incidents that occur every year require medical attention. Victims of dog bite attacks in New Jersey often require expensive treatments beyond the initial emergency room visit. In fact, the CDC reports that in 2006, more than 31,000 people required reconstructive surgery following a dog attack in the United States. Surgeries required after a dog attack are not always covered by insurance and victims are often left wondering how they will ever pay those substantial costs out of their pocket.

The expenses following a New Jersey dog bite attack can add up fast. First, you have the diagnosis and treatment related to the emergency room visit. After that, it is common for victims to need follow up visits in order to determine how the injuries are healing and whether or not they contracted rabies. Many victims also suffer from serious infections. In the most severe cases, injured victims may require reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery may be needed following a dog bite attack to repair lacerated tendons or shattered bones. Plastic surgery is often required as well to repair the cosmetic damage caused by the dog’s teeth and claws. Victims of New Jersey dog bite attacks often suffer permanent facial injuries and scars that can only be minimized with expensive plastic surgery. Some of the scars are permanent and can never be repaired, even with cosmetic procedures.

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