Man Seriously Injured in Truck Accident on Route 15 in Jefferson

A truck driver was seriously injured in a truck accident recently after his vehicle veered off the roadway and into a river. According to, the accident occurred on Route 15 in Jefferson. The 40-year-old man driving the truck lost control and it veered into the center median and came to rest in a river. The truck driver was reported to suffer series injuries but has been listed in stable condition. The cause of the crash is unknown and an investigation is underway.

Because of the long hours truck drivers work, driver fatigue and distracted driving play a part in a large number of truck accidents in New Jersey. When the negligence of a truck driver contributes to a crash, they may be held liable for the injuries and losses suffered by victims in the crash.

There are a number of factors that can lead to a truck driver losing control of a vehicle. Was the trailer loaded correctly? Did the truck driver, truck owner, mechanic and shipping company inspect the tires and brakes before the trip? Did another motorist make the truck driver swerve? In such cases, compensation may be available both through workers’ compensation insurance and through a third-party claim. If the truck driver’s negligence injures others on the roadway, those victims can seek compensation from the trucking firm for their injuries and accident-related losses.

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