Five-Car Accident on Route 80 in Paterson Causes Injuries

Several people suffered injuries in a New Jersey car accident involving five vehicles on September 8, according to a news report in The Bergen County Record. The five-car pileup occurred on westbound Route 80 just past the Market Street exit in Paterson. It is not clear exactly what caused the crash or how many people were hurt. According to the report, the injuries suffered were not life-threatening.

There are many questions that must be asked following a multiple vehicle crash. Did one of the motorists violate New Jersey Statute 39:4-89 by following too closely behind another vehicle? Were any of the drivers reckless, careless or speeding? Did one of the motorists cause the crash by making a dangerous or improper lane change? Did distracted driving play a part in the crash? Negligent drivers can be held liable for the injuries and damages they cause.

It is important that anyone involved in a crash seek auto accident legal guidance from a skilled personal injury attorney. In cases where several victims are involved, there is the potential for insurance companies to pass the blame and for negligent drivers to deny responsibility. Drivers involved in such collisions should not accept a settlement from an insurance company without first discussing their claim with an attorney. By rushing to settle, injured victims will lose the opportunity to get fair and full compensation.

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