New Jersey Worker Sucked Down Open Manhole

A worker, who was sucked down a drainpipe while working at a flooded business, was discovered dead hours after the accident by rescuers. According to The Times of Trenton, the fatal work injury accident occurred on Bakers Basin Road in Lawrence the afternoon of August 30, 2011. The man was working with a landscaping and nursery company to help clear water from a business that had become flooded. His co-workers opened a manhole cover and he was sucked in. He was discovered by rescuers several hours later.

Many jobs are potentially more dangerous following a flood. Individuals working in such conditions must use the utmost of care when working with power lines, electrical devices, cable lines, manholes and carbon monoxide producing generators. It is important that all employers notify their employees of the potential dangers they might face. It is also crucial that all employers properly train their employees to work in adverse conditions.

The family of a worker who has been seriously injured or killed in a job-related accident in New Jersey can seek compensation for their irreparable loss by filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Losses that may be taken into consideration include medical bills, funeral expenses and lost future wages.

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