Protecting Children from Heat-Related Injuries

Children who are left in cars during hot weather can suffer a devastating injury or even death. Even though summer is winding down, the potential dangers of vehicular heat stroke still exist and children may still be at risk. It is important to practice and encourage safety measures in order to help prevent these tragic incidents.

Children who are left in hot vehicles can suffer hyperthermia. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that hyperthermia is the leading cause of non-crash vehicle death for youths under the age of 14. NHTSA recently cited a study by the San Francisco State University’s Department of Geosciences, which shows that 49 children in the United States died from hyperthermia in the year 2010. In fact, 22 children have died this year alone as a result of hyperthermia.

Children should never be left unattended nor allowed to play in an unattended vehicle. Parents should know that cracking the windows is not an adequate way to prevent heat stroke and it is best to make sure all children are removed from the car each time they park. On a hot day, a vehicle can reach dangerous temperatures after only 10 minutes in the sun. Young children and infants are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke injuries. If a child shows signs of distress, nausea, confusion or strange behavior, it may be in the parent’s best interest to seek medical attention as these may be symptoms of heat stroke.

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