Pursuing Compensation for Burn Injuries in New Jersey

Burn injuries can be not only extremely devastating and painful, but also costly to treat. Victims of New Jersey burn accidents often have to endure expensive surgeries and procedures. Depending on the cause and circumstances of the accident, victims may seek financial compensation for the injuries, damages and losses they have suffered.

The first step in pursuing burn injury compensation is determining who was responsible for the accident. If the burn injury involved an apartment fire, did the property owner’s negligence contribute to the incident? If the burn injury resulted from a car accident, was another motorist or a defective product responsible for the collision? In such cases, at-fault parties may be held liable for the injuries they cause through civil litigation.

Victims of burn injuries may seek financial compensation for their losses by filing a personal injury claim. At-fault parties may be held liable for losses such as medical bills, past and future suffering, lost wages and continuing treatment costs. Many burn injuries require future return visits to the hospital and complex and costly procedures such as skin grafts. Victims who rush into a settlement may not receive fair and full compensation for all their losses. Burn injury victims can also seek compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

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