Woman Killed in Accident After Car Hits Broken Truck Tire

A 62-year-old woman from Toms River, New Jersey, was killed in a car accident recently after her car was struck by a broken truck tire. According to NJ.com, the fatal crash occurred on Interstate 95 in Westchester County, New York. The accident was caused after a truck lost its entire rear axle, and the axle compartment flew into the air and into the victim’s vehicle, causing her fatal injuries. The woman’s 84-year-old mother suffered minor injuries in the accident. It is unclear what caused the axle to fall off the truck or if anyone will be cited for this tragic accident.

There are a number of causes of truck accidents in New Jersey. Negligent truck drivers are responsible for most serious injury truck accidents but there are a number of other potentially liable parties. There are cases where poor truck maintenance or a defective part can be a factor. In some cases, a mechanic may have failed to properly install a part. Trucking companies are also required to inspect their vehicles diligently so that their vehicles do not pose a hazard to other motorists. In addition, trucking firms and truck drivers are also required to make sure that loads are properly secured and trailers are properly hitched so that loose trailers or loads do not jeopardize others on the roadway.

Determining liability for a New Jersey truck accident can be a complicated process. Anyone who has been seriously injured or who has lost a loved one in a truck collision would be well-advised to speak with a knowledgeable attorney to find out more about the legal options available to them. Truck drivers and their companies often dispute the charges made against them, and injured victims often have to fight for the compensation they need and rightfully deserve.

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