New Jersey House Fire Statistics

Apartment fires and other structural fires involving residential units are unfortunately common in New Jersey. Victims of fires not only end up losing many of their possessions, but they also suffer serious burn injuries or injuries relating to smoke inhalation. Depending on who owns the property and what caused the incident, financial compensation may be available for fire accident victims. Anyone who has suffered a loss in a New Jersey fire would be well advised to review his or her legal rights and options with a skilled personal injury attorney.

The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety (NJDFS) reports that 83 civilians and two firefighters were killed in New Jersey fire accidents in the year 2008. During that same year, 471 civilians and 864 firefighters were injured in New Jersey fires. There were a total of 33,417 fires reported that year. Homes and apartments remain the most common locations for fire injuries. In fact, 78 percent of all civilian fire fatalities involved a fire at a residential property.

Property owners are legally obligated to provide safe conditions for their tenants and visitors. This obligation includes making sure the building is: constructed to code; that it is properly maintained; that fire extinguishers, fire alarms and sprinklers are installed and are in working condition; and that the electrical wiring is safe. Whenever a property owner’s negligence results in a fire, the victim may file a premises liability claim to pursue financial compensation for his or her losses. Damages that may be included in a civil lawsuit include medical expenses, lost wages, and cost of rehabilitation.

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