Car Crash Prevention Tips from New Jersey Auto Accident Attorneys

crash_178398.jpgThis is Part Two in a four-part blog series where we will discuss car crash prevention tips to help you and your family travel safely.

Not all car accidents are preventable, especially if they occur as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. However, there are several preventive steps we can take in order to avoid car accidents that can result in serious injuries or even tragic fatalities.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips.

Driving Near Trucks
If you are driving near a large truck, keep a safe distance and avoid lingering in the truck’s blind spots. Truck drivers have difficulty seeing immediately in front of their truck, directly behind the trailer, and near the back of the trailer on either side. Driving defensively and assuming that a truck driver cannot see you will help keep you from being involved in a New Jersey truck accident.

Proper Speed
Adjusting your speed for the conditions on the roadway is another important way to avoid being in an accident. When the roadway is wet, icy, or slippery it will be more difficult to slow down or control your vehicle. Under normal conditions, obey the speed limit. But it is important that drivers adjust their speed depending on weather, roadway, and traffic conditions.

Vehicle Maintenance
Another way to help reduce the chances of being involved in a car accident is to properly inspect and maintain your vehicle. Make sure you have properly working brakes and tires. Finding a mechanic whom you trust to regularly inspect your car for potential problems is key to preventing car crashes.

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