How Does Good Car Maintenance Help Prevent Accidents?

car-repair-116448.jpgKeeping your car in proper working order is an important part of staying safe on the roadway. All New Jersey drivers would be well advised to service their vehicles according to the maintenance schedule in their operator’s manual and check the condition of their tires every month. A number of New Jersey car accidents involve driver error or negligence, but there are also many accidents every year that can be prevented by proper car maintenance.

Drivers should routinely check their tires. Motorists who consult their owner’s manual to determine the proper tire pressure have a greater chance of avoiding tire failure on the roadway. While checking the tire pressure, it is also a good idea to look for signs of leaking, worn spots, uneven wear and tear, and low treads. Always know the age of your tires as older tires are more likely to blow out, deflate, or shred. Tire blowouts or tire tread separation can result in devastating car crashes.

Another car part that should never be taken for granted is your windshield wipers. These should be changed as often as twice a year. Having proper visibility during adverse weather conditions will greatly reduce the chances of an accident.

Drivers should also carefully monitor the effectiveness of their brakes. Brakes that are not in proper working condition can cause devastating highway and intersection accidents. Remember, drivers who cause accidents because they fail to properly maintain their vehicles may be held liable for the damages they cause.

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