Protecting Yourself and Your Family on the Road

In Part Four of our auto accident prevention blog series, we discuss how practicing safe and defensive driving habits is the key to staying safe on the road and decreasing your chances of being involved in a New Jersey car accident. Defensive driving is commonly defined as going beyond mastery of the rules of the road and anticipating dangerous situations. Skilled defensive drivers remain focused and cautious and they make it a habit to not assume that other drivers will do the right thing.

Family SafetyDrivers can drive defensively by staying attentive and limiting distractions. Not only should cell phones be turned off before getting on the road, but passengers should also make sure that they do not distract the driver. Drivers that have to use the phone, turn to talk to a passenger, check their navigational device, or read a map should pull over first so it is safe to do so. It is critical that you give the road your undivided attention.

Remember the basics you learned as a teenager when you started to drive. After many years of safe travel, it is common for drivers to take their safety for granted. It only takes one moment of distracted driving or negligence to result in a serious injury accident. Motorists must remember the basics they learned in driver’s education involving right-of-way laws (never assume another driver will properly yield), traffic safety devices (always wear a seatbelt), and traffic control devices (always remember to obey stop signs and red lights). If you have a teenager in the household, remind your son or daughter of the basics of safe travel on a regular basis.

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