The Least Expected Causes of Motor Vehicle Collisions

As Part Three of our auto accident prevention blog series, this blog will discuss the causes of vehicle accidents that drivers least expect. The dangers of drunk driving, distracted driving, and exceeding the speed limit are well known; however, there are many other causes of New Jersey car accidents that motorists would be well advised to avoid, as well. An accident is an event that happens unexpectedly. As drivers, although we hope for the best, we understand that we are at risk every time we get behind the wheel. Here are some types of accidents drivers least expect to encounter.

One unexpected cause of New Jersey car accidents involves wildlife on the roadway. Autumn is the time of year when drivers are most likely to strike deer in New Jersey. These types of accidents may be difficult to prevent, but drivers can help avoid striking animals by staying focused and attentive with their eyes on the roadway at all times.

Fatigued and drowsy driving is another cause of car accidents. It is important for all drivers to understand that that this is often as dangerous as drunk driving. If you find it difficult to keep your eyes open while driving, you should immediately pull over and rest before you get back on the road. Individuals with sleep apnea or who are up late driving are more likely to close their eyes, nod off, or lose focus than well-rested drivers. Drowsy drivers put themselves and others on the roadway at risk.

Other unexpected causes include dangerous roadway conditions and mechanical malfunctions. All drivers have it in their best interests to check their vehicles’ tire pressure, routinely change their oil, make sure their brakes are in proper working order, and replace their headlights and taillights promptly. During rainy or cold weather, it is also important to ensure that your windshield wipers are working properly.

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Part Four of our car accident prevention blog series will address the many ways to keep you and your family safe on the road.