What is Your New Jersey Personal Injury Case Worth?

Whether you are injured in a New Jersey slip-and-fall accident or a car crash, you may be wondering what your case is worth. That would depend on the type of damages that have been sustained by the victim. In any injury case, the cost of a victim’s injures, not only financially, but also physically and emotionally, must be determined. Injured victims should begin by compiling a list of all medical bills they have accumulated because of the accident. Victims should take into account the emergency room costs as well as related expenses such as prescription drugs, medical devices, rehabilitation services, and surgeries.

The wages lost when a victim is recovering from his or her injuries must also be included in a personal injury claim. How many days of work did the victim miss because of the accident? Did the injuries suffered affect the victim’s ability to fulfill his or her job duties? Does the victim now have a permanent disability? Will the injury affect the victim’s career or his or her ability to earn a livelihood?

There are a number of non-economic losses that are more difficult to calculate. Here are a few important questions to ask. Did the accident result in substantial physical suffering by the victim? Does the victim now experience fear, anxiety, sleep loss, or stress because of the accident? Has the victim’s quality of life suffered? A skilled personal injury attorney can compare recent cases involving similar injuries to estimate the value of these non-economic damages.

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