Claiming Compensation for New Jersey Hotel Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Hotel owners have a legal responsibility to prevent hazardous conditions on their properties. There are times, however, when a dangerous condition is unavoidable. In such cases, property owners must ensure that visitors and employees are provided adequate warnings about the hazards that are present, such as dangerous spills or debris. In cases where a hotel owner or manager’s negligence results in a slip-and-fall accident, victims can seek compensation for damages by filing a claim.

slipandfall1.jpgA NJ premises liability claim is a civil lawsuit that allows an injured victim of a hotel slip-and-fall accident to hold the property owner accountable for the injuries suffered. It is important to remember that not all injury accidents result in valid claims. The injured victim will have to prove that the owner either allowed a dangerous condition to exist or failed to warn visitors about the hazard.

There are several questions to ask in such cases. Were there signs, cones, or warning tape around the dangerous location? If there was signage, was it placed in a location where visitors could have seen it? Was the property owner or management aware of the potential dangers? Were there complaints filed with management about the conditions that went ignored?

In cases involving negligence or wrongdoing, financial compensation may be available for medical bills, rehabilitation such as physical therapy or chiropractic care, lost wages, and other related damages. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to receive fair compensation for a slip-and-fall accident. Hotel companies and owners often deny valid claims and put up a vigorous defense in order to protect their profits and their reputation. A skilled premises liability attorney will know how to prove fault in such cases and how to secure fair compensation for victims and their families.

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