What are the Rights of Child Burn Injury Victims in New Jersey?

New Jersey Child Burn InjuryWhen a child suffers severe burn injuries, it can be a traumatic experience not only for the child, but also for his or her family. In addition to being incredibly painful, burn injuries often leave permanent scars and do extensive damage to the skin and nerves. Some burn injuries require prolonged hospitalization, rehabilitation, skin grafts, and other complicated surgical procedures that are not always covered by health insurance. If your child has suffered a burn injury, you may be wondering what your rights are and who should be held responsible for your substantial losses.

The family of an injured child may file a personal injury claim on their child’s behalf to pursue financial compensation for their medical bills and suffering. For the child injury claim to be successful, the claimant will have to prove that someone’s negligence resulted in the injuries.

Burn injuries can occur in many different ways. Here are some questions to ask depending on the circumstances of the accident. If the burn injuries resulted from a New Jersey car accident, was the motorist negligent in any way? Did a defective auto part or mechanical malfunction cause the vehicle to ignite? If the burns were suffered in an apartment fire, did the property owner fail to provide adequate fire prevention devices? Were there adequate smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on the property? Did the fire start because of a defective appliance or piece of equipment?

If your child has suffered a burn injury, it may be in your best interest to contact a skilled New Jersey personal injury attorney who can analyze all aspects of the incident and hold the negligent parties accountable. A skilled burn injury lawyer in Princeton at Lependorf & Silverstein knows how to get families the compensation they need following a devastating accident. If you would like to discuss your legal options at no cost with one of our knowledgeable attorneys, please call us at (609) 240-0040 today.