Are Dog Bite Cases Covered by New Jersey Homeowner Insurance?

New Jersey Dog Bite InsuranceUnder New Jersey law, dog owners can be held liable for the damages their pets cause. If you have been injured by a dog in New Jersey, you may be wondering who will pay for your medical bills and other damages.

In a number of cases, the compensation for injuries and damages in a dog bite case come from the dog owner’s homeowners insurance policy.

Insurance companies and defense attorneys may attempt to convey the image that any award for a victim will come out of the dog owner’s bank account. This is not necessarily the truth. Many dog owners include their dog on their homeowner insurance. In such cases, any claim against the dog owner will be covered by his or her insurance policy.

Damages that may be included in a New Jersey dog bite claim include emergency room costs, hospitalization, surgical procedures, time away from work, and past and future pain and suffering. Pursuing fair compensation for these types of dog bite injuries may be challenging. In some dog bite cases, it may be difficult to determine who the dog’s owner is. In other cases, the defense may try to argue that the dog was provoked.

A skilled personal injury lawyer can also advise families about how their own insurance policy applies to the incident if the dog’s owner is not found, or in a dog bite incident where the owner does not have insurance or the finances to pay for the damages.

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