How Can A New Jersey Car Accident Lead to Permanent Disabilities?

There is a wide range of injuries that victims can suffer in a New Jersey car accident. Often, survivors of serious injury accidents struggle to regain the physical abilities they had before the accident. Unfortunately, some victims may suffer injuries that could lead to permanent disabilities, which can negatively affect their quality of life. In such cases, victims would be well advised to obtain more information about pursuing their legal rights.

Auto Accident InjuryPermanent disabilities include injuries and illnesses from which the victim will never fully recover. Examples of the most severe permanent disabilities that can occur in an auto accident include amputations, head injuries that lead to irreversible brain damage, and spinal cord injuries. These types of devastating injuries often make it impossible for a victim to return to his or her “pre-accident state.” It is also possible that the victim may never be able to work again or provide for his or her family.

There is disability coverage available through the government for individuals who are unable to work because of a permanent disability. If the serious injuries were caused by a negligent driver, there may also be compensation available through a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim is a civil lawsuit that allows the injured victim to pursue financial compensation for their losses from the at-fault driver. The claimant must prove that he or she suffered a loss, that the other person was negligent in some way, and that the negligent party’s actions led to the victim’s losses. In such cases, compensation may be available for the resulting medical bills, lost wages, cost of rehabilitation services, and other related damages.

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