Preventing Child Slip and Fall Injuries

Falls are a part of being a kid. Children are supposed to play in the mud, get dirty, and be clumsy, but this does not mean that falls are not a legitimate danger to their health and well being. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and to anyone, regardless of age. If your child is injured in a slip and fall accident as the result of a property owner’s negligence to reasonably maintain or repair their premises, then that owner may be held liable for the injuries your child suffers.

Child Fall Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading cause of non-fatal injuries among children aged 19 and younger is falls. Nearly 2.8 million children are treated in U.S. emergency departments for fall injuries every year, or about 8,000 every day.

Preventing Child Falls

Not every child fall can be prevented, as a parent cannot have control over the safety of public places and/or other premises, but following these tips from the CDC can help kids avoid fall-related injuries:

  • Playground safety – Check the playground equipment that your child uses/plays on, especially if it is in a public park or other space. If it is not maintained or has a faulty design, the risk of a fall increases. Also, if there is not a soft landing surface underneath, the risk of a serious fall injury increases.
  • Supervision – All young children should be supervised around fall dangers, such as playground equipment, stairs, and other uneven surfaces.
  • Home safety – Make sure children cannot access fall hazards like stairs by using home safety devices like guard rails and gates.
  • Sports safety – Children should wear the appropriate protective gear when playing sports.

When to Contact an Experienced Child Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, not all property owners are as concerned with child safety as parents are. If your child has suffered a fall injury as the result of a property owner’s negligence to maintain safe premises, you and your child may be entitled to financial compensation.

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