School Bus Collides with Police Cruiser in West Windsor Accident

A West Windsor school bus driver has been charged with careless driving after colliding with a stopped police cruiser and injuring the officer within on the morning of January 17, according to The Princeton Packet. Reportedly, the police cruiser was stopped with its emergency lights flashing on Cranbury Road around 7:15 am in an effort to warn other drivers of the icy road conditions that were present when it was struck.

As the school bus neared the police vehicle, the driver lost control of the vehicle, most likely due to sliding on the icy roads during an attempt to slow down, crossed the center line of the road, and struck the officer’s vehicle, according to West Windsor Police. While neither the school bus driver nor any of the 20 students that were onboard the bus were injured in the crash, the officer suffered a neck injury and had to be taken to a hospital. Further details on the officer’s condition have not been given, but he was not reported to be in serious condition.

The onset of winter in the northeast United States means that there is a much greater likelihood for dangerous road conditions in New Jersey. Winter conditions can leave normally safe roads in hazardous conditions and make already dangerous streets even worse. As such, there is a higher chance that any vehicle could be involved in an accident. New Jersey residents should make sure to take extra caution when on the roads during the winter in order to prevent dangerous accidents.

While buses are involved in far fewer crashes than normal passenger vehicles, the accidents they are involved in often lead to many serious injuries. The New Jersey bus accident lawyers at Lependorf & Silverstein can help you obtain compensation if you have been in such an accident. For more information on how our law team can help, call (609) 240-0040.