New Jersey Police Investigate 3-Year-Old Child’s Death during Dentist Visit

A 64-year-old dentist in Irvington is under investigation after a three-year-old boy died while undergoing a routine dental procedure. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is investigating the incident and it has been revealed that the dentist is already on probation from the Board of Dentistry for an incident in 2004 where a six-year-old girl died while under his care, according to

Reportedly, the boy had come into the office to have cavities filled. For the procedure, he was placed in a cocoon-like restraint system and given local anesthetic, but at some point during the process went limp and stopped breathing. The boy was taken to a hospital, but was later pronounced dead from the fatal New Jersey accident. According to investigations, the first child who died had passed away from natural causes due to serious medical conditions and not because of medical malpractice, but the dentist was still put on a lengthy probation sentence.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the three-year-old boy’s death and if there should be any criminal charges filed against the dentist for the incident. Families of both victims are now pressing to have the dentist’s license revoked.

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