Tips to Prevent Bicycle Accidents in New Jersey

NJ Bike CrashBicycle riders are prone to suffering devastating injuries whenever they are involved in a collision. While no amount of safety precautions can prevent all New Jersey bicycle accidents, there are steps that bicyclists can take to help prevent being struck by a vehicle.

One of the most important steps for bicyclists to staying safe on the roadway is to make themselves seen. All riders should wear bright and reflective gear while riding, whether it is dark out or not. Bicycles should have a white flashlight on the front near the handlebars and reflectors on the back of the pedals and behind the seat. Bicyclists should also make it a habit to not enter an intersection until they have made eye contact with any nearby driver. Assuming that you are seen by a driver can be a tragic mistake.

All bicyclists would be well advised to ride facing oncoming traffic and to stay to the far left side of the shoulder. Cycling routes should be preplanned around roadways with safe and wide shoulders and adequate street lighting. Last, but not least, New Jersey bicyclists should always remember to wear a helmet, which has been proven to help prevent catastrophic head injuries and fatalities.

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