Edison School Bus Accident Causes Injuries

Several people were injured in a New Jersey school bus accident when a bus carrying approximately 30 members of a high school girls’ softball team collided with a truck. According to a report by The Star-Ledger, the bus accident occurred at Interstate 287 and Route 1 in Edison the night of March 19. Officials say the truck was merging when it overturned and struck the bus. The two occupants of the truck were airlifted to the hospital where they were listed in critical condition. Twenty of the people on the bus were treated at a nearby facility for minor injuries. It is unclear what caused the vehicle rollover or if anyone will be cited for the truck accident.

Whenever a commercial truck is involved in a vehicle rollover, there will be a number of questions that investigators will try and answer. Was the truck driver speeding, braking too hard, swerving, or driving negligently at the time of the accident? Did the truck accident result from a defective auto part or a mechanical malfunction? Was the truck properly inspected before it began the trip? Who was responsible for loading the cargo? Was it loaded unevenly, making it prone to veering out of control?

Victims of New Jersey truck accidents would be well advised to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help determine liability for the collision and help the victims receive fair compensation for their losses. Whether it is through workers’ compensation benefits or through civil litigation, financial compensation may be available for medical bills and lost wages.

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