Funeral Procession Car Crash Sends SUV into New Jersey House

An SUV travelling through the village of Sharpton as part of a funeral procession on its way to the Salem County Veterans Cemetery was struck by another car and sent through the front of a nearby house on the afternoon of March 5. According to Today’s Sunbeam, the accident occurred as the procession was heading down Main Street and crossing Kings Highway when a car travelling north on Kings Highway struck the SUV, causing it to lose control.

After the SUV lost control, it struck a house on Main Street and tore off the front wall where the living room was located, leaving a gaping hole in the front of the house. The SUV came to a stop when it struck the wall of the neighboring house. Thankfully, although a family of five was in the house, no one was in the living room when the SUV burst through it. Additionally, neither the 72-year-old driver of the SUV nor the 24-year-old driver of the car that struck him was injured in the crash.

Officials inspected both houses that were struck and deemed both unsafe, requiring everyone living in the homes to vacate. Details on what caused the NJ intersection crash are currently unknown and police are investigating.

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