Lawsuit Filed against 2 Construction Companies for Atlantic City Casino Lightning Electrocution Accident

Last September, a bolt of lightning struck an 800-foot-tall metal crane at an unfinished casino building in Atlantic City where workers were pouring concrete. According to The Washington Post, the men were told to keep working but decided that after one more bucket of concrete, they would head to shelter whether that meant getting in trouble or being fired. Sadly, that wasn’t soon enough. The bolt of lightning that struck the metal crane electrocuted a 40-year-old worker who was holding onto a metal bucket of concrete. Two other men were also hit by the lightning and fell down. Although they survived the incident, they still experience pain from the injuries suffered.

On April 4, the surviving workers and the widow of the worker killed in the New Jersey electrocution accident filed lawsuits against Tishman Construction Corp. of New York and Network Construction Co. of Pleasantville, N.J., a Tishman subcontractor, two construction companies that are being accused of knowing or should have known that a serious lightning storm was approaching the job-site, but kept the workers on the job anyway.

The lawsuit claims that the companies had reasonable warning about the risky weather conditions and should have acted by stopping the job until the storm was gone. Instead, it is being argued that the construction companies had their minds set on completing the job as soon as possible so as not to delay the multi-billion dollar casino project.

As stated in the news report, the deceased worker’s wife wants to “address those responsible for my husband’s death and ask them: If it had been their son or their father up on that roof that day, would they have shut the job down? I believe the outcomes would have been much different.”

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