Children Injured in Galloway Township School Bus Accident

The 50-year-old male driver of a 1997 Ford Explorer and many children were injured in a New Jersey car accident involving a collision with a Galloway Township school bus. According to The Galloway Patch, the bus accident occurred at Moss Mill and Old Port roads in Galloway Township. Officials say the school bus came to a full stop before proceeding into the intersection, then proceeded into the intersection and crashing into the SUV. The driver of the SUV has been listed in stable condition and 18 children on the school bus were hospitalized with minor injuries. Injuries suffered by the children include a fractured clavicle, a concussion, and cuts that required stitches. It is unclear if the bus driver or the driver of the SUV was responsible for the New Jersey intersection accident.

It is crucial that transportation companies hire only the most skilled and experienced school bus drivers. All bus companies owe their passengers the “utmost duty of care” under the law. This “duty of utmost care” supersedes any obligation they have to other vehicles and potential victims. This means that the bus company has a legal responsibility to act quickly and swiftly to provide fair compensation for their passenger’s medical bills and suffering.

The family of a child involved in a New Jersey school bus accident may have it in their best interest to discuss their legal options with an experienced personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement from the bus company. It is common for bus companies to offer inadequate settlements to make cases go away, but a skilled attorney will make sure that fair compensation is offered that covers all of the potential losses suffered in the accident.

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