Common Causes for Slip-and-Fall Accidents in New Jersey

If you have ever slipped on a wet floor, you know how easy it is for a slip-and-fall accident to occur. While many of these types of incidents only result in a bruise and embarrassment, others can have much more serious consequences. When someone has suffered a broken bone, for example, it will be necessary to determine how the accident occurred and if the property owner could have prevented the accident.

Princeton Trip Fall AccidentWet floors are a common slip-and-fall accident cause. Property owners, or managers, are legally obligated to prevent these types of accidents by alerting guests or visitors about the dangerous condition. For example, wet floor warning signs must be placed around an area that has just been mopped. Spills must be cleaned up quickly and mats should be placed near entrances to buildings.

The condition of the walkway can also increase or decrease the likelihood of a falling accident. Pedestrians are prone to slipping on uneven surfaces or floors that have a sudden dip or rise. Carpeting that is torn or bunched can cause someone to trip and fall. Cracks in the floor must be immediately repaired or surrounded by warning cones or signs. Dangerous staircases are also a contributing factor in a number of the most devastating falling accidents. Broken and cracked stairs should be fixed immediately, railings should be in working order, and visitors should not be allowed on hazardous steps.

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