Bicycle Accidents Caused by Dangerous NJ Roadways

NJ Dangerous Roadway Bike CrashAs if negligent car drivers aren’t enough to worry about, New Jersey bicyclists also have to watch out for poorly designed and maintained roadways. Many bicycle accidents result from dangerous roadways each year in New Jersey. There are a number of different types of hazardous conditions that can result in a devastating or even fatal injury. Anyone who has suffered a loss in a New Jersey bicycle accident would be well advised to discuss his or her case with an experienced attorney who will help them understand their legal rights and options.

You can help decrease your chances of suffering an injury in a New Jersey bicycle crash by choosing well-lit roadways that have bike lanes or sufficient shoulders that allow you to stay off the road. Sadly, many New Jersey roadways are riddled with potholes, loose gravel, and debris that put bike riders at great risk. Car drivers may not even notice these types of hazards, but bicyclists can be thrown from their bikes or forced into a vehicle because of the unsafe conditions.

Just as at-fault car drivers can be held responsible for the damages they cause, so too can the governing body in charge of a dangerous roadway. For example, when a poorly designed roadway causes a tragic bicycle accident, the governmental agency responsible for maintaining that roadway could be held liable for the injuries and damages caused. This can be a challenging process and there are questions that must be asked. Did the accident result from a dangerous roadway condition? Did the government know of the hazardous conditions and fail to fix the problem?

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