Jersey City Teacher Killed in Car Accident

A 59-year-old math teacher in Jersey City was killed in a car accident when her vehicle was rear-ended and forced into oncoming traffic. According to The Jersey Journal, the fatal car crash occurred along Route 7 in Kearny. Officials say the teacher was driving west in a BMW when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. Her BMW veered out of control and into oncoming traffic, where it sideswiped one vehicle and then struck a Ford Explorer head-on. She died shortly after the accident and three others were injured. The 71-year-old man who rear-ended her vehicle was not injured and has not been charged.

Many rear-end collisions occur as a result of distracted or inattentive driving or a failure to leave enough space between vehicles. According to N.J.S.A. 39:4-89: “The driver of a vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard to the speed of the preceding vehicle and the traffic upon, and condition of, the highway.” Drivers who cause rear-end collisions may be held liable for the damages they cause.

The family of an individual who is killed in a New Jersey car accident may have it in their best interest to discuss their legal rights and options with an experienced attorney. Financial compensation may be available for the medical bills, funeral expenses, lost future wages, and other related damages.

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