Types of Burn Injuries Suffered in a New Jersey Car Accident

Some New Jersey car accidents result in major fires. The injured occupants in the vehicle often do not have time to escape before suffering devastating burn injuries that may result in immense pain, permanent disfigurement, and substantial scarring. Victims of these types of accidents have it in their best interests to speak with an experienced attorney who can help determine why the vehicle burst into flames, who was responsible for the accident, and who can be held liable for the substantial losses suffered by the victim.

Toxic gases, flammable fluids, and explosions can combine to result in dangerous car fires. According to The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) one out of every five fires involves a vehicle. FEMA also reports that one out of every eight fire-related deaths results from motor vehicle fires.

NJ Burn AccidentSerious burn injuries suffered in New Jersey car accidents can result in damage to the blood vessels and the nerves in the damaged area, swelling, blistering, and shock. Victims may also suffer substantial damage to their throat and lungs. Other possible damages include dysphasia (loss of speech because of burns in throat), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), nausea, edema (leaking fluids causing swelling), paresthesia (numbness of the skin), or musculoskeltal injuries (deep burns that expose the bone).

Sadly, the treatments for these types of injuries are often painful, complicated, and expensive. It is common for victims of car-related burn injuries to require several surgical procedures, skin grafting, and blood transfusions.

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